Top 10 Android Games for Toddlers & Preschoolers (Ages 1-4)

Top Android Games for Toddlers & Preschoolers

You may not know where to start with teaching your children about how to use your phone or tablet. Well I promise they will pick it up faster than you would think and then surpass your knowledge of your device. But here are some easy and fun games to get them started.

Toddler Lock

Toddler Lock

One of our favorite beginner phone or tablet user game. This really isn’t a game, but teaches your child about touching your phone and getting a reaction. My boys played with this till they were at least 3. Touch the screen to draw or make shapes.’

Kids Piano Lite

Kids Piano Lite

Another game that teaches your child to touch your screen to create, but instead of art they create music. There are different modes, games, sounds, and more.

Zebra Paint Coloring App

Zebra Paint Coloring App

This is one of our favorite coloring apps. It is fun because your child can pick a color and just touch a section to fill it with color. No coloring in the lines just easy fun with lots of diff sheets. Zane likes to color the whole screen one color.

Bubble Wrap

Bubble Wrap

Who doesn’t love popping bubble wrap. This is a quick and easy way to entertain your little one. You may be surprised at how long they are entertained by popping bubbles.

Game for KIDS: KIDS match’em

Game for KIDS KIDS match'em

This is a great beginner game for your child to learn on. This is a basic matching game with 6 card sets and 2 difficulty sets.

Animal Games for Kids: Puzzles

Animal Games for Kids Puzzles

This great little puzzle game will teach your child how to drag and drop things on your tablet or phone.

Ant Smasher, Best Free Game

Ant Smasher, Best Free Game

This has always been one of our favorite apps. I first saw it on an iPad and I was so excited to find it on Android. The boys love it. They slowly learned to not touch the bees and they learned about games that you had lives in.



As your child learns more about playing games this is one of our favorites to introduce them to. Learn to build bridges, cars and more with the DUPLO characters. Another game that teaches your child drag and drop with a touch screen.

LEGO® App4+


Once you have introduced your child to LEGO DUPLO Zoo you may want to see how they do with LEGO APP4+. Zane actually got this app way before the age of 4 and both boys have loved playing it over and over.

Kid Mode: Free Games + Lock

Kid Mode

I saved the best for last. Kid Mode You can set up each of your children to be able to log into their own version of Kid Mode. Kid Mode collects dozens of games and videos from online that are age appropriate for each child. Plus it Locks!

  1. Aleksandar Milosavljevic

    Aek in the Bogeyland – FREE – for Android and Windows
    Addiction and education mixed in a child designed game!

  2. katebr

    I also recommend this HD puzzles for toddlers contains 48 puzzles my 2 years daughter love it and keep her busy for long time . Professional enchanting graphics make this game special.

  3. nik

    Another great puzzles for kids – Scroll Puzzles –

    Easy and cool! 3+

  4. Ann
  5. Marek

    Hi all, I would recommend for kids like 5+ years old and not only (you may change levels) this amazing game with ‘jumping’ puzzles in a box :0

    Best Regards!

  6. Orhan
  7. Magnificent whip! I will newbie because you fix your blog, how does someone join to get a blog site site? This accounts taught me to be any acceptable option. I’ve been somewhat familiar with this ones transmit available shiny see-thorugh thought

  8. Jamie

    Hey, I´ve found this and my two kids like it a lot

    Here is description from webpage:

    * Dot to Dot is an educational game which helps kids to recognize and pronounce numbers, letters and simple words via solving connect the dots puzzles.
    * Children will learn the names of the objects from our everyday life trough colorful pictures, combining audio and visual learning techniques, which is one of the most effective learning methods.

    Besides, “Lite” version is totally free to download, so You dont need to spent money.

    • Carloz

      Yes, is nice !!!

  9. Jiri P.

    Hello, I would like to recommend this game for toddlers:
    It quickly attracts their attention during the day and helps them fall asleep in the evening.

  10. Neczka

    Hello there,
    My kids love the game that shows how to draw basic cartoons –
    They also paint it after and save to show me how lovely they made it!

  11. John

    Kid loves to learn numbers and letters, I prepared for them 10 funny digits and 24 funny letters to be colored. They can use one of the multitude of colors available to give life to many kind of animals.

    Here are some of the features in “ABC educational coloring book” that will charm your kids:
    + Very easy to use, even for toddlers. They just need to pick a theme then start coloring with a brush or a pencil or even using filling shapes (for kids that are eager to complete the drawing)
    + Add animated cliparts. With simple drag-drop functionality they can add animations such as a dog, cat, glowing stars, all animated stickers even make sounds when tapped on
    + Virtual stickers to decorate the coloring book they created. This basically creates hundreds of variations, and they can increase/decrease the stickers with simple taps.
    + Create and share postcards. It’s incredibly simple to create a card picture and after that share it via mail or through social networks as a memorable gift.
    + Save pictures in the gallery
    + Color pictures from one of the categories: letters, digits, vacation, holidays, school, mammals, reptiles and amphibians, birds, insects, fishes and funny beaker

    The educational game is available for free on Google ?

  12. Susan

    Animal Orchestra teaches kids music instruments and their sounds.

  13. Arya

    These are very helpful link Thanks

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